Contributing organizations and individuals

Development of NAADSM is an ongoing, collaborative effort that has involved a number of participating organizations and contributors since the inception of the project.

The NAADSM Development Team is currently looking to expand. Epidemologists, researchers, software engineers, and translators interested in joining the project are strongly urged to contact us.

We gratefully acknowledge the following for their past and/or continuing contributions:


Funding agencies


  • Celia Antognoli
  • Deborah Batista
  • Tim Boyer
  • Shaun Case
  • Barbara Corso
  • Caroline Dubé
  • Chad Eschelman
  • Conrad Estrada
  • Eihab Fathelrahman
  • Kim N. Forde-Folle
  • Ashley E. Hill
  • Ric Hupalo
  • Emery Leger
  • W. Bruce McNab
  • Shrideep Pallickara
  • Kelly A. Patyk
  • Dustin Pendell
  • Noa Roman-Muniz
  • Jane Rooney
  • Javier Sanchez
  • Mo D. Salman
  • Mark A. Schoenbaum
  • Anthony "Drew" Schwickerath
  • Ann H. Seitzinger
  • Snehal Shetye
  • Marna Sinclair
  • Deborah Stacey
  • Marian Talbert
  • Francisco Zagmutt-Vergara