Downloading NAADSM


Users are asked to register their copies of NAADSM. Registration is quick and simple, and provides the development team with the means to keep users up to date regarding bug fixes, the introduction of new features, and the publication of new releases.

Currently supported versions of NAADSM

There are currently two major versions of NAADSM in use. These are NAADSM 4.0 and NAADSM 3.3. Which of these versions you should use depends heavily on the nature of your work. It may be helpful to review a description of the major differences between them, as well as the model specifications for these two versions.

Implementations of NAADSM

There are two distinct but fully compatible implementations of each version of NAADSM:

  • NAADSM/PC ("personal computer") is available for Microsoft Windows, and includes a complete interactive user interface as described in the NAADSM User's Guide.
  • NAADSM/SC ("supercomputer") runs on a variety of Linux/UNIX variants, including Mac OS X.

Precisely the same conceptual model (described in the model specification) applies to both of these implementations, and the core code of both applications is identical.

Downloading the NAADSM/PC application

An installation package for NAADSM/PC may be downloaded from this website.

Downloading NAADSM source code

NAADSM is open source software and is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Complete source code for NAADSM/PC is available for download.

NAADSM/SC must be compiled from source code: basic installation instructions are provided along with the source code for NAADSM/SC.