Experimental versions of NAADSM

The versions of NAADSM that appear on this page are experimental: they deviate from the published model description in ways that may significantly affect the simulation outcome. Results generated by experimental versions should be clearly identified as such. Experimental versions may not be supported to the same degree as the standard version, and may not be updated as frequently.

Experimental versions are installed separately from the standard version of NAADSM: it is possible to run the standard version and experimental versions on the same computer. Inputs may or may not be compatible between experimental versions and the standard version, but outputs (which are generated by different algorithms) are not. A scenario that contains output generated by an experimental version cannot be opened in the standard version, and vice versa.

Experimental version Cheyenne

In Cheyenne, quarantined units are allowed to be recipients of direct contact.

Experimental version Laramie

In Laramie, destroyed units are allowed to be the recipients of indirect contact.

Experimental version Riverton

In Riverton, units that have progressed to the naturally immune state are not included in destruction programs.

Experimental version Torrington

In Torrington, initially infected units are selected at random, so simulated outbreaks start a different location for each iteration, rather than always at the same starting location.