NaadsmDataToExcel is a stand-alone application for Microsoft Windows that works in conjunction with Microsoft Excel to create a workbook containing the output data from a NAADSM scenario file. This utility requires that Microsoft Excel 2000 or later be installed on your PC. Data from NAADSM output types you select are copied from the scenario file to separate worksheets of the workbook.

Downloading and installing NaadsmDataToExcel

An installation package can be downloaded via the link below. Once you have saved the installation package to your computer, double-click its icon to perform the installation. Follow the on-screen prompts if you wish to change any of the default installation options.

Download the installation package for NaadsmDataToExcel:

Using NaadsmDataToExcel

Using the utility is very easy. At a minimum: check the datasets you wish to copy, select your NAADSM scenario file, and click Import data. The left column of checkboxes cover iteration output types and the right column covers daily outputs. A workbook with the copied data will be created in the directory of the NAADSM dataset (so please be sure this directory is not located on a CD or is write-protected).

The workbook that is created will be named something like NAADSMexport_2010-05-25-104355.xls. The data and time is appended to the file name to ensure it is unique, you may change it to what you wish. Inside the workbook you will find:

  • A meta data worksheet listing the data source, the date and time of import, the version of NAADSM used to create the output, simulation the start and times, number of iterations, and your description of this scenario.
  • A worksheet for each of the twelve types of NAADSM output that you selected to import. Each dataset has a header row of field names in the columns of row one and the data following in subsequent rows. The worksheet is named to indicate the type of output data that it holds.
  • Optionally, the workbook contains worksheets for each dataset in a transposed structure; where the fieldnames are listed in the rows of column A and the data follow in subsequent columns. This format may be more readable than the traditional format if there are many fields and not many iterations.

If you do not wish to create transposed data worksheets, uncheck the option Also create data transpose worksheets. Please note that data can be transposed only when there is a sufficient number of columns in the worksheet: the utility does not allow data to be truncated. Likewise for the standard dataset, if the number of records exceeds the number of worksheet rows, then the data will not be imported. Excel 2007 and later provide a greatly expanded worksheet size, if you choose to use it. The option called Users of Excel 2007 or later allows you to choose to use the newer Excel file format.

The log display in the main window of the application includes instructions on using the utility and becomes a processing status log once the utility begins running. Read the log for import processing notes about each output you selected and for error messages. The contents of this log can be copied and pasted in a text file or email message, if you wish to send error messages to the NAADSM Development Team.

Source code for NaadsmDataToExcel

This section is intended for programmers and advanced users who wish to review or modify the NaadsmDataToExcel source code, or to build the application from source code.

NaadsmDataToExcel was originally developed by the Animal Population Health Institute at Colorado State University, and has been released into the public domain. It may be freely redistributed, modified, and/or incorporated into other applications without restriction.

No warranty of any kind, implied, expressed or statutory, including but not limited to the warranties of non-infringement of third party rights, title, merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose, is given with respect to the contents of this file or application.

NaadsmDataToExcel is written in Delphi Version 7, Professional Edition. While it may be possible to compile the interface with other versions of Delphi, no others have been tested.

Download the Delphi source code for NaadsmDataToExcel (as a ZIP archive)