LibAPHI: The APHI Library for Simulation Modeling

The APHI Library for Simulation Modeling is a collection of probability density functions, geographical calculations, and other capabilities commonly used in stochastic models. While LibAPHI is in its very early stages of development, it is already being used in NAADSM and several other development initiatives underway in the Animal Population Health Institute at Colorado State University.

Compiling or installing LibAPHI

LibAPHI is written in C and Delphi, and is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Source code as well as a binary version of LibAPHI for Microsoft Windows can be downloaded from this page.

Source code written in C is intended to be compiled with the MinGW implementation of GCC, although it should be possible to use other compilers. (Note that if the Cygwin implementation of GCC is used to build LibAPHI, the resulting library file will be incompatible with other Win32 applications.)

Source code written in Delphi is known to work with Delphi Version 7, Professional Edition. While it may be possible to compile the interface with other versions of Delphi, no others have been tested.

Current versions

Older versions

Note: Prior to version 0.2.0, only the C version of LibAPHI existed.

Other libraries required by LibAPHI

LibAPHI makes use of several additional programming libraries. In most cases, compiled binary versions are available. It may be necessary, however, to build some libraries from source code.


More complete documentation for the APHI Library for Simulation Modeling will be published here as development continues.