Source code for NAADSM

NAADSM is open source software and is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

There are two distinct but fully compatible implementations of NAADSM. NAADSM/PC ("personal computer") is available for Microsoft Windows, and includes a complete interactive user interface as described in the NAADSM User's Guide. NAADSM/SC ("supercomputer") runs on a variety of Linux/UNIX variants, including Mac OS X. Precisely the same conceptual model applies to both of these implementations, and the core code of both applications is identical.

Complete source code for NAADSM/PC and NAADSM/SC is available for download. Basic instructions for compiling either implementation NAADSM are also provided: more detailed information will be made available as time allows. If you encounter difficulties compiling NAADSM, please contact one of the developers.

Please be sure to review the version history and list of known problems and bugs to obtain the latest information about the program.