Source code for NAADSM/PC 3.1.21

This page is intended for programmers and advanced users who wish to review or modify the NAADSM/PC source code, or to build the application from source code.

NAADSM/PC is composed of two major components: the graphical user interface and the core model library. These two components are written in different languages and must be compiled separately. These components make use of several subcomponents and libraries, each of which must also be downloaded and installed or compiled.

Please see the version history for a list of changes made in each version. Also, please be sure to review the list of known problems and bugs to obtain the latest information about the program.

The graphical interface

The graphical interface of NAADSM/PC is written in Delphi Version 7, Professional Edition. While it may be possible to compile the interface with other versions of Delphi, no others have been tested.

Download the Delphi source code for the NAADSM/PC user interface (as a ZIP archive)

Required libraries and components for the NAADSM/PC interface

The user interface requires the following external libraries and components:

The NAADSM core library

The NAADSM core is written in C and is shared between NAADSM/PC and NAADSM/SC. For NAADSM/PC, the core code is compiled as a dynamically linked library which is then called by the user interface.

The core library can be compiled with the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) for Windows, version 3.4.2 or higher. There are a number of implementations of GCC for Windows, the two most prominent of which are included in Cygwin and MinGW. The core library must be built with the MinGW implementation of GCC: libraries built with the Cygwin tools are incompatible with NAADSM/PC.

Note: The NAADSM core library for this version of NAADSM/PC is unchanged from the previous version listed below.

Download the C source code for the NAADSM core library (as a ZIP archive)

Required libraries for the NAADSM core

The NAADSM core library makes use of several additional programming libraries. In most cases, compiled binary versions are available. It may be necessary, however, to build some libraries from source code. As noted above, libraries must be built with the MinGW implementation of GCC: libraries built with Cygwin are incompatible with NAADSM/PC.