User support

The following resources exist for end user support:


The User's Guide for NAADSM 3.0 is the primary source of information for end users. It provides an introduction to the principles and applications of stochastic disease modeling, instruction in the actual operation of NAADSM, and a detailed reference. A downloadable version of the User's Guide is available.


The NAADSM development team periodically offers training sessions (typically two to three days) for interested users. Please refer to the training page for details of upcoming training sessions, or contact us for more information about opportunities for training.

Peer support

The NAADSM Support Forums offer a way for NAADSM users, designers, and developers to interact with one another and offer assistance or information about the NAADSM application, disease modeling, and other related topics. Answers to commonly asked questions and late-breaking information relevant to all members of the community can be found here.

The forums are open to participation by anyone. NAADSM users are strongly encouraged to make use of them, so that we can all benefit from another's knowledge and experience.
Please note, the forums are currently offline.

Known and possible bugs

Although we make every effort to ensure that NAADSM is error-free and operates as intended, bugs are occasionally found. Users are strongly encouraged to review the list of confirmed issues in current versions of NAADSM. This list also provides a history of problems that have been corrected in current and previous versions.

Users may also contribute to the list of suspected or potential problems with NAADSM, and follow our progress as we resolve these issues, with our issue tracker. Data that we have collected via the issue tracker shows that we are able to resolve most potential problems within just a few days of being notified.

Notes for international users

Several problems are known to specifically affect NAADSM on versions of Microsoft Windows that use languages and regional settings other than US English. Please refer to the notes for international users for a description of these problems and their solutions.

Contact a member of the NAADSM team

Finally, if the options above do not address a particular need, users are invited to contact the development team.